Meet us @ OI 2018

London, UK, March 13-15, 2018

Meet Graal Tech people at the Oceanology International fair! Reach booth Q255 and talk with our engineers for getting information about our most recent developments, like the X-300 AUV. Join the Industry Applications for Unmanned Vehicles session on March 13th to get a presentation on a fleet of Folaga AUVs


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Robocademy farewell meeting

Bremen, Germany, December 14-15, 2017

The 4-years ITN Robocademy is going to finish with the end of 2017.
The final meeting in mid December in Bremen will be the last event of the project and will be also the chance for hosting the graduation ceremony, with the Robocademy degrees given to all the worthy ESRs. 

More info on the Robocademy project can be found here

First maneuvrability tests in water for X-300

La Spezia, Italy, September, 2017

The latest generation of Folaga, X-300 is now ready for the validation tests. The first step has been recently conducted with success in La Spezia, Italy. Basic motion tests have been performed, to validate the new propulsion and steering systems. The new vehicle is very agile and reactive, further improving the peculiar maneuvrability of Folaga AUVs.  

More info on X-300 can be found here

WiMUST integration tests

Sines, Portugal, July 17-21, 2017

Four Folaga AUVs were carried to Sines for partecipating to the second WiMUST integration week. Each AUV was equipped with the WiMUST payload module, containing two EvoLogics acoustic modems, a seismic acquisition board and a towed 8-channels streamer. Several tests were performed in a formation together with four Medusa AUVs (from IST) and two USV (1 from ISME, 1 from IST)

More info on the WiMUST project can be found here

DexROV integration tests

Marseille, France, June 26 - July 7, 2017

The DexROV system was for the first time integrated and tested at sea in July. All the DexROV sensing and processing units were mounted on the manipulation skid, together with the two 6 d.o.f manipulators. The skid was then attached below the ROV and the system was first trimmed in harbour for adjusting the weight distribution, Successive motion tests were performed at a depth of 50 meters. 

More info on the DexROV project can be found here

3 Folagas delivered to Kopadia, France

June, 2017

Three new Folagas has been developed for Kopadia SAS, a young French company established in 2017 for providing services of underwater inspection and water monitoring. The three AUVs will be the base platforms of the company and will be used in cooperative missions with different kinds of sensors, depending on the considered application. An acoustic payload module enabling mutual localization and basic communication has been delivered together with the AUVs, while a module with side scan sonar and camera is currently under production and will be delivered next year.

Second inspection of a submerged tunnel: 2.5 km explored

Chieti, Italy, June 12-14, 2017

The AUV performing the inspection of the conduit in the hydroelectric power plant in Italy has been this year slightly modified: a forward-looking sonar was added on the nose of the AUV and a longer fiber optic cable managed by a motorized reel was used. The sonar, mounted with a tilt of 90°, allowed to get a clear image of the whole circumference of the tunnel and was also helpful for maintaining the center of the tunnel during the remotely-assisted navigation. The longer fiber optic cable enabled a deeper exploration of the tunnel, up to 2.5 km from the entrance. 

Folaga delivered to the Italian Navy

May, 2017

A Folaga AUV has been delivered to C.S.S.N., the Center for Support in Marine Experiments of the Italian Navy. It has been developed within a joint research project recently concluded. It is equipped with three different payload modules which can be mounted, either separately, or together. One module hosts a side scan sonar; another hosts a multi-parameter probe; the last one has been designed within the project and is a concept system for investigating the possibility of recovering energy from the waves motion.    

Folaga delivered to BARC, India

November, 2016

A Folaga AUV has been developed on behalf of BARC (Bhabha Atomic Resarch Center), India. It will be used for monitoring the main important chemical, physical, and biological parameters of the water within same basins located close to atomic plants. It is equipped with an echosounder, a multi-parameter probe from YSI and an acoustic modem for sending basic commands to the AUV and receiving information on the task in execution. 

Preliminary inspection of a submerged tunnel

Chieti, Italy, October 12-13, 2016

A customized Folaga performed the internal inspection of the first segment of an interred conduit, conveying water among two reservoirs of a hydroelectric power plant in Italy. The tunnel diameter ranges from 2.5 to 3 meters and there are some bends and obstacles to be avoided like valves along the way. The AUV was equipped with the camera module (with 4 lateral and 1 frontal cameras) and with 500 meters of fiber optic link for remotely steering the vehicle inside the pipe. A further inspection of a longer segment is planned for next year

Folaga payload for WiMUST developed

July, 2016

The Folaga payload module for the H2020 research project WiMUST has been recently finished. It hosts an acoustic high frequency modem from EvoLogics and a seismic board from Geo Marine, which is attached to the streamer with the acoustic sensors. The electronic board of a second medium frequency acoustic modem with an integrated atomic clock chip has been instead integrated inside the vehicle hull, while its transponder is attached to the same payload module. Tests of the system will start soon in La Spezia. 

New Folaga payload developed with cameras and fiber optic link

June, 2016

A new Folaga payload with a tiny fiber optic link to surface and 5 cameras (4 lateral and 1 frontal) has been recently developed for optical surveys or inspection missions. The fiber optic link, available with different lenghts, enables the combination of autonomous and remotely-assisted navigation modes and provides a continuous real-time feedback from the five cameras.  

22 AUVs delivered at CGG

December, 2015

A customized Folaga payload for enabling seismic surveys has been developed on behalf of CGG . It is equipped with hydrophones, geophones and with a very accurate acoustic recorder for storing acquired data. 22 replicas have been manufactured and delivered to CGG before the end of the year, together with a fleet of 22 last generation AUVs.

Folaga delivered to Atoll, Russia

July, 2015

A Folaga has been shipped to Russia to Atoll Scientific-Research Institute in Dubna. The AUV is equipped with an EvoLogics USBL device that will be used for sending commands to the AUV and localizing it when underwater. The vehicle will be used for applied studies on acoustics with different devices.

Meet us @ OCEANS 2015

Genova, Italy, May 18-21, 2015

Meet Graal Tech people at the Oceans 2015 exhibition!

Reach our booth and you will have the opportunity to talk with our engineers for having information about our recent products and services.

In addition you will find at the booth our Folaga AUV and our UMA manipulator.


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Meet us @ NGCUV 2015

Girona, Spain, April 28-30, 2015

Meet Graal Tech people at the NGCUV 2015!

Reach our booth and you will have the opportunity to talk with our engineers for having information about our recent products and services.

In addition you will find at the booth our Folaga AUV and our UMA manipulator.


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DexROV Kick-off Meeting

Marseille, France, March 2-4, 2015

DexROV, a 42-months research project funded within the recent H2020 BG-6-2014 call, is officially starting on March 1st, 2015.

It will be aimed at developing solutions for more cost effective and time efficient ROV operations.

Involved partners are: Space Applications Services (Belgium, prime contractor), Comex (France), Jacobs University (Germany), ISME (Italy), IDIAP Research Institute (Switzerland), Graal Tech (Italy).

WiMUST Kick-off Meeting

Lecce, Italy, February 26-27, 2015

WiMUST, a 36-months research project funded within the recent H2020 ICT-23-2014 call, is officially starting on February 1st, 2015. 

It will develop networked solutions enabling a team of cooperating AUVs to perform cooperative geoseismic and geotechnical surveys.

Involved partners are: ISME (Italy, Coordinator), IST (Portugal), CINTAL (Portugal),  EvoLogics (Germany), CGG (France), Geo Marine Survey Systems (The Netherlands), Geosurveys (Portugal), University of Hertfordshire (UK), Graal Tech (Italy).

Robocademy Network Meeting

Girona, Spain, January 27-30, 2015

The first network meeting with all the Robocademy supervisors and the already enrolled 11 fellows has been held in Girona at the end of January.

In that occasion the first training event, the course named "Autonomous Underwater Robotics" has been given by people of University of Girona to the students.

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