About us

The Company

Graal Tech is an engineering SME, specialized in providing intelligent mechatronic solutions for marine and underwater applications. Established as a spin-off from the University of Genova, in the over 15 years of its story the R&D vocation of the company consolidated, in parallel with a continuous enlargement of its offer of services and products.

The Mission

To create innovative mechatronic devices responding to customers needs” is the mission of the Company since its foundation. Approximately 80% of the time of Graal Tech people is daily spent on research and development activities, for bringing value to its customers through the realization of dedicated innovative systems and solutions. 

The Offer

All the existing products can be purchased in their basic configuration or with desired customizations, to meet specific needs. Basic services include the rental of existing products for different usages and the realization of new prototypes, exhibiting a list of desired functionalities. When a more structured R&D partnership is required, Graal Tech can support the customer in any activity of a targeted research program, contributing to its planning, its launch, its execution and, whenever needed, the technical and economic management of assigned tasks.

The Customers

Today Graal Tech is considered a valuable reference partner for R&D activities by a wide range of organizations operating in the marine and underwater domains, including Multinational Corporations, Governmental Institutions, international Research Centers and Academies. Important players in the fields of Oil & Gas, Defense Space & Security, Oceanography & Environmental Monitoring, are used to turn to Graal Tech, either for purchasing the available products, or for technical contributions in research areas of interest.

The People

The presence of a skilled team of Ph.D. and senior engineers, encompassing all the required competencies for realizing new mechatronic devices, and the habit in adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to problems, are certainly the main strengths of Graal Tech people. In addition the long track record of participations to research projects, with a huge number of days spent at sea for testing different equipment, enables Graal Tech team to provide a fundamental support to customers also during all the operational phases of marine or underwater applications.