Reconfigurable Modular System

Optimize development time and keep costs low

Modularity and reconfigurability are the main characteristics our robots are designed and built of. All our products are able to cover every kind of mission with a high level of flexibility.

We reconfigure and customize our products in order to deliver to our customer a custom-made product that meets his needs by optimizing development time and keeping costs low.

Case 1


  • Search and recovery (SAR)
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Marine protected area
  • Marine archaeology NEEDS
  • Mine countermeasures (MCM)

Case 2


  • Underwater inspection
  • Tunnel inspection
  • Real time camera/sonar inspection
  • Tele operation by optical fiber
  • Marine protected area

Case 3


  • Sea bottom mapping
  • Harbour inspection
  • Gateway for AUVs
  • Harbour protection
  • Marine protected area monitoring

Case 4


  • Inspection
  • Intervention (equipped with robotic arm)
  • Mapping
  • Search and rescue
  • Harbour protection