Underwater Equipment Assessment

Target Clients

This service is for customers who want support for checking on the field the functioning or the performance of underwater instruments. 


Producers of sensors or communication devices, with limited or temporarily saturated testing facilities, are the main addressed clients, as they can find in Graal tech a fundamental partner for evaluating the performance of their equipments under development. 


Additional clients are potential buyers of costly instruments, who are hesitant because of the price, and would like to experiment the real performance of the devices of interest before proceeding with purchase.

Provided Services

For manufacturers, under specific confidentiality agreements, Graal Tech personnel can provide support in defining, planning and executing ad-hoc experiments, at any phase of the realization process, from the preliminary derisking activities, to the final validation tests.


Together with experienced field engineers, Graal Tech can make available a team of autonomous vehicles, for carrying the instruments at different depths, or making them move at different speeds. According with the test requirements, every vehicle can act as a simple carrier, for just transporting the instrument without functionally interacting with it, or the instrument can be integrated in the vehicle mechatronic architecture, till being potentially interfaced also with the vehicle software.


For buyers, whenever the equipments are made available from the manufacturer for evaluation periods, Graal Tech can integrate them on its team of AUVs and execute assessment or comparative tests, useful for evaluating the actual performance of the devices of interest.

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