Prototype Realization

Target Clients

This service is for clients who needs a new prototypal system, with known desired capabilities and functionalities, but who are not in the conditions to realize it in autonomy. 


Industries without an internal engineering R&D division or organizations who are experiencing occasional shortages of R&D resources can demand the realization of their prototype of interest to Graal Tech.

Provided Services

Graal Tech has consolidated expertises in designing and developing mechatronic systems, starting from a list of technical specifications or functional requirements. 


In addition to the mechatronic realization of the prototype, Graal Tech can also provide a dedicated control solution for actuating it. 

Different options are possible, according with the level of complexity of the desired functionalities. 


Once defined, the control system can be implemented by the Graal Tech software team on different platforms, ranging from a simpler embedded device, to a real-time software architecture.


Engineering and validation tests on the developed system are executed by using the Company's lab instrumentation and its wet facilities.


Whenever necessary, before the final acceptance tests and the delivery, additional experiments can be easily arranged and performed at sea, in Genova, or in the close Viareggio lake.

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contract: EWM
customer: Thales Alenia Space