Public Funded Research Projects

Target Clients

This service is for Organizations who want to obtain public fundings through a research project and are looking for a small or medium enterprise performing mechatronic R&D activities.


Companies, Universities, Research Centers or Public Institutions with an interesting and solid project idea, with a chance of leading to a concrete businness opportunity on a theme related with marine or underwater applications, can find in Graal Tech an experienced and collaborative research partner.

Provided Services

Graal Tech is a company devoted to R&D activities. It is therefore not surprising its frequent participation to research projects funded by the European Commission or by other Institutions at a Regional, National or International level.


In its pluriannual experience, Graal Tech personnel matured the necessary competences for contributing to a project since its preliminary steps, when the roles between partner have to be assigned, a clear and convincing technical description of the activities has to be edited, a development plan has to be drawn, and an adequate budget for the initiative has to be formulated.


From the technical point of view, depending on the needs, Graal Tech can carry out research activities either in autonomy, or with a close coordinaton with other partners, eventually assuming the leadership of specific tasks or workpackages.

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project: CO3AUVs
  funds: FP7 - European Project