R&D Partnerships

Graal Tech helps organizations that care about innovation to reduce time and costs, while managing technical risks, in conceiving and realizing new mechatronic solutions, by combining its capabilities with the client assets and needs.


Do you need a new mechatronic system with a set of known functionalities but need someone to realize it for you?


 Do you have an idea to develop or an application limit you want to overcome and need help for reaching your goal? 

Public Funded

Research Projects

 Do you need an experienced research partner for a new project proposal? 

AUVs for your needs

Graal Tech provides a customized access to the underwater world, to help clients collecting data from the marine environment, acquiring information from specific equipments, or performing ad-hoc missions

Environmental Data Delivery

Do you need to gather data from the water but have inadequate technical means for doing it?

Underwater Equipment Assessment

Do you want support for checking the
in-water functioning of underwater instruments? 

AUVs for

Customized Missions

Do you need a team of underwater robotic platforms for executing a specific mission of interest?