Underwater tools assessment

Graal tech provides it clients with a support service to check upon the performance of their underwater tools

Companies that produce sensors and tools for communication purposes often struggle with small premises or lack of proper equipment to control the performances of marine tools so they turn to Graal Tech to assess the perfomances of the systems they are actually developing. This service is also aimed at those companies that are willing to buy expensive tools and need to test them over a trial period in order to have a proper assessment of their investment.

Graal Tech supports producers when it comes to define, plan and carry out experiments in each stage of the process .this service is offered with a confidentiality agreement in order not to put a risk any piece of confidential information.

Thanks to a team of specialized engineers the company can offer a fleet of independent vehicles to carry tools at different depths and speeds. Acoording to these tests each vehicle  can be placed into the mechatronic architecture of the vehicle itself and connect with the software of the tool.

Independent submarines for customized missions (AUV)

The service is aimed at those clients who need to rent a team of robotic platforms to carry out a specific task. The team of Graal Tech engineers supports the client in each step of the experiment from the displacement of the vehicles to their recovery.

Thanks to the felxibility of the Folaga architecture, the most demanding clients can directly codify their algorhytms and draw up their control software modules that will guide the vehicle during the mission.

Environmental data delivery

The public authorities that are in charge of monitoring the quality of waters and the research institutes on marine sciences can now receive data directly in their Headquarters without wasting any time while carrying out measurements on the field.

This service helps those clients who need to gather environmental data, but do not have the proper means to do it.

Target Clients

Graal tech quickly gathers data on the volume of the water of interest. It plans and realize customized missions with its own fleet of independent vehicles.


The flexibility of the Folaga architecture makes it possible for each vehicle to host a wide range of environmental tools: multi-parameter probes equipped with chemical, physical and biological sensors, optical cameras, sonars, hydrophones, geophones, magnetometers and ACDPs. It i possible to integrate sensors upon request.

The Graal Tech staff takes care of each step of the mission: from the proper configuration of the vehicles to the transportation of water to the supervision of the implementation of the mission itself.

Once the data collection has been carried out, Graal Tech takes care of the systems and downloads the surveys which have been carried out and gives the client the gathered data in the format he requests.